We are 22 years old and lead the bunch of manufacturers and resellers of Indian snacks and sweets processing machines in India. Starting with the basic Khoa making machine which is designed and developed by our founder director Mr. D.J.Yadav we enetered this field which was working the same way as some 100 years back when small halwais were making mithais, gulab jamuns etc. in kadhai and patelas. The Khoa making machine revolutionized the way mithai was made. It has reached the every corner of India and has become integral part of a halwai shop.
The term halwai is changed nowadays and there are factories and corporates making sweets and snacks items. These factories are spread in thousands of square feets of area and are producing items in tonnes. We are catering their needs to make these volumes. The machines we now make can make a tonne of Khoa, half a tonne of basundi, a tonne of Pedha. These machines have been modified in such a way that they can be used to work for days and nights to get the desired production quantities. Developments done on these grounds have evolved the gigantic machines like Super JUmbo Kulfi machine, Jumbo model Pedha machine, Steam operated plants etc. This is an unending task for us at Solar Arks as food processing is the industry which will never stop growing.
We at Solar Arks have grown our production capacity too. More space, more machines, skilled manpower is being added and now we are the one who produce largest quantities of Khoa machines in India.