Khoa Machine

This machine has become an essential part of a food processing unit as it can be used with lot of versatility. Some of the known uses to us are as given below,

• Khoa from milk
• Rabadi/ Basundi from milk
• Kalakund/ Malai Pedha/ Malai Burfi from milk
• Mava Burfi/ Mango Burfi/ Anjeer Burfi etc. from Khoa
• Kaju Katali/ Kaju roll etc from Kaju
• Dotta Burfi etc from dry fruits
• Besan roasting for besan laddoo, Sohan papdi
• Roasting of various wheat, masala ingredients, onion etc.
• Making ghee from cream or butter
• Boiling milk in large quantities for making paneer etc.
• Condensing milk for making ice cream mix
• Making kulfi mix